Monthly Archives: November 2010

Ten Tooth Cog and Fred Award

Every team meeting we award the Ten Tooth Cog (for a recent godlike exploit on the bike) and the Fred Award (for the opposite).

This week Hippo came into the meeting with his Cervelo. Cleaned. And I don’t mean wiped down. This thing was spotless. For those that don’t know, his Cervelo S2 is often so dirty that it brings Kevin Davenport to the brink of tears. It was a sight to behold, the clean bike, that is.

After fielding nominations, the 10-tooth cog was awarded to Tim Lutz, for doing 80 miles of highland valley… in the small chainring. The guy’s cadence is amazing, especially at mile 65 flying down Del Dios at 130 cadence.

A close runner-up from the 10-tooth cog was Matt, who cleaned Hippo’s bike. Quite the monumental task, but not quite as epic as 80 miles of small chainring highland valley!A close runner-up for the Fred award was Ryon, who continued to train on a sprained wrist even when he knew avoiding road vibrations was the wise thing to do. But the votes don’t lie… The weekly Fred Award went to Hippo. For the menagerie of mis-matched parts barely hanging on to his dirty cervelo, discovered by Matt when he was cleaning it.

Riding with Benny Benassi

We recently had the extraordinary chance to join a world-class DJ, Benny Benassi, on the last part of his Californian bike tour, the “Benny Benassi Bike Tour: A Musical Ride through California”.Benny Benassi started his fixed-gear bike tour in San Francisco on the 10th of September and from there rode South stopping in Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and finally San Diego on the 19th to perform. On parts of his tour he was accompanied by both fans and riders, his goal was to promote riding and environmental awareness.

Benny Benassi has always been an avid rider; he quit competitive cycling at the age of 19 but nowadays still rides 3 to 4 times a week. He says that the main reasons he still rides his bike is to maintain a healthy lifestyle but especially to keep his brain active!We joined the Benny Benassi Bike Tour when it passed through Oceanside and Carlsbad on its way for the last show of the tour in San Diego. It was a very pleasant ride; Benny was very friendly, presented himself to everyone on the team and easily engaged in conversation. His friends were also all very nice and everyone enjoyed the ride very much.Part of us rode with him until La Jolla Cove where fans riding fixed-gear, mountain bikes, beach cruisers etc. accompanied him for an easy spin to the beach where he spun for about 15 minutes. Later that night a few of us which had been kindly added on the guest list of his show went downtown to see him performing at On Broadway. Balvindar Singh and Josh Chan were even invited onstage by the man himself! After the show we gave Benny a UCSD cycling team jersey and a few pairs of socks.

He appreciated the gesture and was entertained by the socks!Overall it was a wonderful experience for all the team members who had the chance to be part of this successful event combining both of Benny Benassi’s passions: riding and music.Finally we would like to warmly thank Tim Ortiz for coordinating the event and ensuring that the team could make the most out of this unique experience.