MTB Confrence: Santa Cruz 2017

On Saturday and Sunday, we raced STXC and XC. The courses were wet and technical and Nic made some dope avocado and turkeyquesadillas.
Will: 2nd STXC Men C’s racing in jeans andĀ  t-shirt
Matt: 8th STXC Men B’s
Daniel: not last, Men B’s
Peter: 3rd Men C’s, until the last lap, then DNF šŸ™‚
Will: 2nd XC Men C’s
Matt: 9th XC Men B’s
Daniel, Peter, and Nic: Men’s Cheer Team
Trail Riding:
On Friday we hit upĀ Montana de Oro stateĀ park in SLO. It was a flowy out and back singletrack that descends towards the ocean. We hit it as the sun was setting and it got real romantic real quick.
Saturday Afternoon we hit up theĀ Demo Forest Flow trail, which was so sick I forgot to take pictures of it. They heard we liked berms, so they put berms ontop of berms, and then jumps into berms. Probably one of the most unique trails I have ever ridden.

The trip was a reminder to go out, push your comfort zones, and ride more trails.