Name: Jessica Luu

Known Aliases: “Team Mom”

Contact: president at ucsdcycling dot org

About: I am excited to be President of this team for 2013-2014! I have raced for UCSD for two years and have been completely in loved with the sport ever since. I am an undergraduate student in Human Development with a Education Studies Minor.

Everyone that knows me, knows how much I love just riding on my bike! Yes, even if I do not have as much time to ride like I did in the past, My love for riding will always be there. So if you aren’t into the racing and just want someone to ride with, be assured, you aren’t alone! I am an officer and that’s is pretty much all I want to do! Racing is just another perk of being on this amazing team! I am very excited for the upcoming journey with the team, especially, the long car rides, early morning wake-up calls, and many more. Come join us and you will not regret it!


Name: Daniel Zitter

Known Aliases: “Zitter”

Contact: treasurer at ucsdcycling dot org

About: Daniel is the illustrious winner of the 2013 Tour de Donuts and resident topic of most jokes.


Name: Drew Ceccato

Known Aliases: “Hammer Rail-Storm”

Contact: sponsorship at ucsdcycling dot org


Social and RecruitingSocial and Recruiting

Name: David Berry

Contact: social at ucsdcycling dot org

Hello! My name is David Berry. I am a second year undeclared student here at UCSD. Cycling has been a passion of mine since I started college and it has completely changed my life. I love getting out and meeting new people, finding a great new climb, and generally just having a good time on, and off, the bike. If you’re looking to get more involved with our team, meeting new people to ride with, or if you just have general questions about the team feel free to shoot me an email!


Name: Eric Geier

Known Aliases: “Big Cranberry”

Contact: clothing at ucsdcycling dot org

About: This is Eric’s third year with UCSD Cycling and he continues to ride mostly to support his pie-eating habits.  If you see a group of UCSD Cyclists waiting at the top of Torrey Pines, keep an eye out and you may spot him struggling up a few minutes behind.  Eric is an M.D/Ph.D student and the team clothing manager.  He’d like to take credit for the eye-catching 2014 kit design, but his role in the design process was proportional to his creative aptitude, which is to say rather minimal.  Please feel free to contact Eric with any questions regarding clothing or Vin Diesel movies.

Women's CaptainWomen’s Road Captain

Name: Stacy Le

Contact: road.captain at ucsdcycling dot org

About: Hey everyone! I’m Stacy and am currently in my second year studying chemical engineering. Cycling has been a huge part of my life growing up. As much as I enjoy racing, I simply love the feeling of the open road, clarity, and the pain cycling gives even more. As they always say, “Climbing gives pain for the legs but clarity for the mind.” For me, cycling isn’t just about the racing and riding though; it’s about the people you’ll meet along the way. This team is a family, and I hope that anyone who has the slightest bit of thought of joining the team reaches out to any one of the officers or members. We’d love to meet you and have you join the team. Ride on!


UCSD_SDPJerseyMen’s Road Captain

Name: Spencer Schiveley

Contact: road.captain at ucsdcycling dot org

About: I am in my 3rd year with UCSD Cycling and 1st as Men’s Road Captain. I love punchy roads, coffee… black, and scowling despite my fuzzy demeanor. You may often hear me waxing poetic about Bohemia and wishing I could find a decent Czech pilsner anywhere else in the world… like where I have citizenship.

If you’d like to hear one of my patented rants or just have a question about the team, don’t hesitate to email me!

Assistant to the Road CaptainsAssistant to the Road Captains (Unofficial)

Name: Daniel Yang

Known Aliases: “Hey you, with the camera!”

Contact: road.captain at ucsdcycling dot org

About: Daniel Yang likes biking, taking photos, and taking photos while biking.


UCSD_LSSkin_CalChamp Track Captain

Name: Todd Woodlan

Known Aliases: “?”

Contact: track.captain at ucsdcycling dot org

About: Todd has been on the team for five years, not because he’s a failure but because he’s a graduate student. As track captain, he attempts to lure the roadies away from long rides, derailleurs, and salads toward a more fulfilling life comprised of races under 4k, fixed gears, and cookies. He will also take credit for the kit design, since Eric won’t. If you’re already a devout trackie or interested in picking up the highly sought-after skill of riding really fast in tiny circles, send him an email.


Website and Social MediaWebsite and Social Media

Name: Ian MacNeill

Contact: at ucsdcycling dot org

About: Ian spends most of his time sitting in a rocking chair on the porch and commenting about the various “things” being done by “kids these days.” He believes that the proper way to send a message is via telegraph or carrier pigeon, the original e-mail and twitter. There was a time when Facebook didn’t let users upload photos, and he remembers that time fondly. The team apparently didn’t realize that he ran for the Digital Media officers position as a joke.

When not accusing people of being witches for contradicting him with “science” and “math,” Ian can be found on the San Diego Velodrome. He eschews derailleurs as “dark sorcery” and shuns races longer than a minute and a half. He thinks that pie is “race fuel” and often just plain “life fuel,” and he occasionally rides a road bike to support his donut habit. Stop by the velodrome some time to say hi, and be prepared for a lecture.



UCSD_SDPJerseyRace Director

Name: Drew Lawyer

Contact: race.director at ucsdcycling dot org




Name: Patrick Jak, MS, PFT, SSCS, USAC

Contact: coach at ucsdcycling dot org

About: For over a decade, Pat has trained performance athletes, teams, and fitness conscious individuals from all walks of life. As a coach of endurance athletes, he has worked with juniors, seniors, and masters, including several State, National, and World champions and medalists. His workouts have been featured in Bicycling Magazine, he is a speaker for IDEA Health and Fitness and is also Director of Metabolic Testing and a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Fitness Quest 10.


Men's Road CaptainEmeritus Road Captain

Name: Kristaps Liepins

Contact: road.captain at ucsdcycling dot org

About: Kristaps is a third year Cognitive Science student. His home country is Latvia, where he originally started cycling. Likes long hikes and outdoor activities in his free time. Has been involved with the UCSD Cycling Team since his sophomore year at UCSD.

Currently works as a Resident Adviser at Eleanor Roosevelt College at UCSD. Involved in multiple on campus organizations. To find out which – just ask!