Name: Rachel Marcuson


About: Rachel is a graduate student in geophysics, but when she’s not busy discovering the secrets of the earth’s magnetic field, you can usually find her riding her bike.  She loves the accessibility of cycling- just about anyone can get on a bike, ride, and appreciate the beautiful scenery that San Diego has to offer! If you think riding or racing bikes is for you, send Rachel an email- she’s Canadian and relatively nice, and will be more than happy to answer all your questions.


Name: Daniel Heineck


About: German-surnamed Daniel replaces a different German-surnamed Daniel at the financial helm. Resident grouch (and former/present/confused? triathlete) who takes out his frustrations with the world in two-wheeled fashion. Moonlights as a doctoral student (but not a REAL doctor) of some ill-repute, but is best known for his Strava record-holding daily commutes. Occasionally seen racing while riding the loudest colored bib shorts he can. Not known to show up to social events (see: resident grouch) and utterly incapable of going coffee ride pace.


Name: Masato Yoshihara


About: Masato is a fourth-year undergraduate student, majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Global Medicine. While not working as a RA, he is usually found roaming around campus and throughout San Diego on his two-wheeled beast. This will be his second year on the cycling team, and likes to ride throughout North County. Go Tritons!

holly1Social and Recruiting

Name: Holly Resh


About: Holly is a third year undergraduate working toward her B.S. in Psychology with a specialization in social science. She enjoys hiking, riding her bike and long walks on the beach.


Name: Vince Pham


About: Vince is a third year graduate student in the Art History, Theory, and Criticism program at UCSD with a focus in British sculpture of the eighteenth century. He has ridden on three collegiate teams, including UCR, University of Warwick, and finally landing at UCSD. This is his third year with the cycling team, and he can usually be found doing the nigh-legendary coffee ride route going north most mornings at the ungodly hour of 7am with close friends. Enjoys 11 speed groupsets, fancy kits and numerous pastries while riding. Feel free to email him about kit design progress, or logistics!

ewWomen’s Road Captain

Name: Matea Djokic


About: Matea is a third year Psychology major with a specialization in Cognitive Psychology and a minor in Math. This will be her third year with the UCSD Cycling team.

She’s sprinter class, baby, all the way. I mean, look at those thighs! She’s also adept at crashing: the right way. The Djokic has one of the best painfaces on the team. She may look intense, but she’s fairly harmless as long as you’re not a Marian University supporter.

If you’re ever struggling at the back of the pack on a climb, ask her about one of her several scars, her dream of retiring to a farm in the European countryside, or why fellow teammates nicknamed her the Croatian Sensation. She’ll take it as a blessing to ease up the pace and start a conversation.

kenny1Men’s Road Captain

Name: Kenny Hoang


About: Kenny is a third year pre-dental student majoring in General Biology. This will be his second year on the team. He’s neither sprinter class nor a climber. When he’s off the bike you can catch him window shopping for bicycles way out of his price range and sipping coffee at several coffee shops around town… except Starbucks because he isn’t your basic bee. If you’re ever interested in talking about bikes, he’s your guy. He will instantly drop whatever he’s doing to get a conversation going about what you ride.

ericTrack Captain & Mountain Captain

Name: Eric Geier

Contact: or

About: This is Eric’s fifth year with UCSD Cycling and he continues to ride mostly to support his pie-eating habits.  If you see a group of UCSD Cyclists waiting at the top of Torrey Pines, keep an eye out and you may spot him struggling up a few minutes behind.  Eric is an M.D/Ph.D student. Apparently he also rides a mountain bike.

katWebsite and Social Media

Name: Kat Ellis


About: Kat is a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This is her second year on the cycling team after running injuries forced her to take a break from triathlons. But plenty of coffee and donut rides have slowly converted her to the cyclist way of life.

FREDRace Director

Name: Fred Zhang


About: Fred is a fourth year undergraduate student working toward his B.S. in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in machine learning and controls. During winters, you can find him frolicking in the meadows with his mustard yellow sweater his mother gave him for Christmas.


Name: Patrick Jak, MS, PFT, SSCS, USAC


About: For over a decade, Pat has trained performance athletes, teams, and fitness conscious individuals from all walks of life. As a coach of endurance athletes, he has worked with juniors, seniors, and masters, including several State, National, and World champions and medalists. His workouts have been featured in Bicycling Magazine, he is a speaker for IDEA Health and Fitness and is also Director of Metabolic Testing and a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Fitness Quest 10.