Name: Ben Sarno


About: Ben is in his last year of the Chemical Engineering program.  He fully supports any two-wheeled lifestyle.  He dislikes traffic and gas use more than bad pastries and burnt coffee.  If he’s not studying, or in class, you can usually find him doing repeats…. Hill repeats, coffee repeats, donut repeats, pastry repeats, cheeseburger repeats, and/or any other variation.  For any questions about the team, or his hair care techniques, shoot him an email or facebook message, but practice your patience. He is almost as good at using technology as most current 75-year-olds.


Name: Daniel Freilich


About: Daniel finally decided, after lurking for a couple years, that it was time to take financial control of the team.  While he has a consistent day job, trying to get some letters after his name, he really got into cycling when he heard “good practices” involved riding around in circles at an average speed of less than 5mph (including all the rests, during which eating delicious food and lying around groaning is encouraged).


Name: Drew Ceccato

Known Aliases: “Hammer Rail-Storm”


About: Drew Ceccato has been riding bikes for 3 years, in which time he has vanquished demons and brought peace to planet earth.  Through unlimited potential and maximal fitness, Drew has established himself as the premier physical specimen of the cycling universe, unleashing wave upon crushing wave of unprecedented fury.

When he’s not curing infant orphans through the grace of G_d or bestowing miracles on the needy, Drew affords himself enough time to lead the UCSD Cycling team to sponsorship glory (#blingbling #hollaatyaboy #2fast2furious).  In the words of the righteous and those that stand against the mighty (aka Davis): so say we all until underverse come.

You keep what you kill.

SeanSocial and Recruiting

Name: Sean Lee


About: My name’s Sean Lee: aka coordinator of fun, aka the only kid who will wear leg warmers in SoCal, and I hail from the mean streets of Tenafly, New Jersey.  I study Environmental Systems – Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution.  When I’m not saving the Earth from mankind and rescuing endangered baby panda eggs, I enjoy getting ratchet wit mah homies and shredding copious amounts of gnar on my bike.  I’ve been pushing pedals for about a year now and am the current Social/Recruiting chair on the team.  I only listen to auto-tuned music and I’m all about having a good time on or off the bike.


Name: Eric Geier

Known Aliases: “Big Cranberry”


About: This is Eric’s fourth year with UCSD Cycling and he continues to ride mostly to support his pie-eating habits.  If you see a group of UCSD Cyclists waiting at the top of Torrey Pines, keep an eye out and you may spot him struggling up a few minutes behind.  Eric is an M.D/Ph.D student and the team clothing manager.  He’d like to take credit for the eye-catching 2014 kit design, but his role in the design process was proportional to his creative aptitude, which is to say rather minimal.  Please feel free to contact Eric with any questions regarding clothing or Vin Diesel movies.

rachelWomen’s Road Captain

Name: Rachel Marcuson


About: Rachel is a fourth year graduate student in geophysics, but when she’s not busy discovering the secrets of the earth’s magnetic field, you can usually find her riding her bike.  She loves the accessibility of cycling- just about anyone can get on a bike, ride, and appreciate the beautiful scenery that San Diego has to offer!

She’s excited to be this years women’s road captain, and her big goals for the team this upcoming season include getting more women out riding and racing their bikes, putting together some solid team trial performances, and having a Women’s A team qualify for collegiate road nationals.  If you think riding or racing bikes is for you, send Rachel an email- she’s Canadian and relatively nice, and will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

chrisMen’s Road Captain

Name: Chris Campagnoni

Known Aliases: “Chris Campy”


About: Hi, my name is Chris Campagnoni and I have been riding for about four years now.  I am a third year undergraduate structural engineering student.  I ride both road and mountain and love racing both.  Any day is a coffee ride day.

UCSD_LSSkin_CalChamp Track Captain

Name: Todd Woodlan

Known Aliases: “?”


About: Todd has been on the team for six years, not because he’s a failure but because he’s a graduate student. As track captain, he attempts to lure the roadies away from long rides, derailleurs, and salads toward a more fulfilling life comprised of races under 4k, fixed gears, and cookies. If you’re already a devout trackie or interested in picking up the highly sought-after skill of riding really fast in tiny circles, send him an email.

WyattMountain Captain

Name: Wyatt Morin


About: Hi, my name is Wyatt Morin and I’ll be your mountain captain this year. I’m writing this little bio from the lifts of Northstar at Tahoe in between downhill runs. I’m going into my second year here at UCSD, I’m a warren student and Political Science major.

Mountain bike racing is my first love. I’ve been racing mountain bikes for 13 years now, I had some success as a JR expert and went to USAC nationals a few times, and I’ve competed in nearly all disciplines of cycling, from road to downhill. I love to ride and race and hope to grow our mountain team here at UCSD. Come play in the dirt with me.


ewWebsite and Social Media

Name: Matea Djokic


About: Matea is a second year Public Health Pre-Med with a specialization in Biostatistics and Epidemiology, whatever that means. This will be her second year with the UCSD Cycling team. She is the Daenerys Targaryen of UCSD Cycling due to her unflinching desire for justice.

She’s sprinter class, baby, all the way. I mean, look at those thighs! She’s also adept at crashing: the right way. The Djokic has one of the best painfaces on the team. She may look intense, but she’s fairly harmless as long as you’re not a UC Davis supporter.

Website and Social MediaRace Director

Name: Ian MacNeill


About: Ian has agreed, this year, to do battle with the permitting offices in San Diego in order to plan and run the races hosted by the UCSD Cycling Team, including the season opener, the Boulevard Road Race. Ian works in a 3000 person experiment with an accomplished bureaucracy located in Switzerland, the most accomplished of international bureaucrats. This has been excellent training. San Diego County permitting offices beware. Ian sends e-mails at a prodigious rate and is prone to frequent and random office visits in order to get his way.

When not harassing the hard working people of San Diego County, Ian can be found on the San Diego Velodrome accusing people of being witches for contradicting him with “science” and “math,” punctuated with brief sprints around the boards. He eschews derailleurs as “dark sorcery” and shuns races longer than 75 seconds. He thinks that pie is “race fuel” and often just plain “life fuel.” Occasionally, he rides a road bike to support his donut habit. Stop by the velodrome some time to say hi, and be prepared for a “fun” lecture.


Name: Patrick Jak, MS, PFT, SSCS, USAC


About: For over a decade, Pat has trained performance athletes, teams, and fitness conscious individuals from all walks of life. As a coach of endurance athletes, he has worked with juniors, seniors, and masters, including several State, National, and World champions and medalists. His workouts have been featured in Bicycling Magazine, he is a speaker for IDEA Health and Fitness and is also Director of Metabolic Testing and a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Fitness Quest 10.