Name: Eric Geier


About: Eric is the most interesting man in the world.



12729051_1697031413845087_1070741780085101326_nVice President/Social Media

Name: Holly Resh


About: Holly is a fourth year undergrad majoring in media communications and minoring in psychology. She has been on the cycling team since her second year of college and is sad that this will be her last year since she is graduating. She competes on the road, track, and mountain. When she is not on her bike, she is either outside on a crazy adventure or doing production work for NBC Sports.



Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 8.46.21 AMTreasurer

Name: Lilly McCormick


About: Lilly is a graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. While she may complain that diving makes her miss morning rides or training days, don’t be fooled; it’s the best part about her job. This is her second year with the cycling team after spending a few years doing triathlons. Prefers road races (the hillier, the better) and will happily talk about squid on long rides.

Alwin BlvdSponsorship

Name: Alwin Szeto


About: Alwin is a 5th year visual arts media major double minoring in business and film studies. When he isn’t working on his film and photo projects, you can find him on his bike, either riding up the coast, or tumbling down a mountain. This will be his third year on the team. If you are interested in sponsoring the team, or have any questions about sponsorship, feel free to shoot him an email!



12778726_1667349016850199_3753250160229665494_oSocial and Recruiting

Name: Matt Clemens


About: Matt is a third year undergraduate student studying international business. When he manages to do something other than drink coffee and study, he is typically found around a bike… riding bikes, working on bikes, selling bikes at a shop, talking about bikes… basically, if you engage him in a conversation about bikes, be prepared to spend the rest of your day talking about bikes. He isn’t quite sure if he likes cycling for the racing or the donuts and coffee, but he still has a while to figure that out. He aspires to be the Ricky Bobby of cycling, however it will require some more training to accomplish that.






IMG_3988Clothing  (AKA Dungeon Master)

Name: Joey Palambo


About: Joey is a graduate student in chemistry from Massachusetts. When he’s not mixing chemicals, he can be found in many environments: on a bike, drinking coffee, brewing beer, trying (and failing) to learn guitar, climbing fake rocks, eating donuts or at the zoo. None of these he is particularly good at but will talk your ear off about. He was also the president of his undergraduate cycling team at Boston College and cannot understand how bike riding is a 4 season sport. He also often spends time pondering what it would be like to be on a podium some day.



TritonGPWomen’s Road Captain

Name: Katherine Nadler


About: This is Katherine’s second year on the cycling team and is a fifth year PhD student in chemistry. Although she has not yet figured out how to pin race numbers on her own jersey, Katherine has enjoyed the many  aspects of cycling, specifically all things Italian.


12814111_1667349130183521_4311973225971640231_nMen’s Road Captain

Name: Ben Kurtz


About: Ben is a graduate student studying atmospheric science.  He’s been at UCSD way too long, and with the team almost as long as that.  When he’s on the bike you can spot him because he looks funny and he goes faster up the hills then in the flats.  When not occupied by student-y things or bicycle-y things, he enjoys reading, naps, and planning the next adventure.


encino velodrome SWAT 08-16-15Track Captain & Mountain Captain

Name: Daniel Yang

Contact: or

About: Yang started mountain biking back in 2008 when his brother bought a $400 bike on Black Friday. Ever since then he was hooked. Road, track, mountain bike, doesn’t matter. If it has two wheels, he will ride it. Interested in track our mountain biking at UCSD? Feel free to contact him!



12814560_1070338519676356_5550517197798931338_nRace Director

Name: Matthew Hung


About: Matthew is a third year mechanical engineer undergrad. He bikes into his dorm and classrooms, and refrains hard from doing the same in the library/price center. This will be his second year on the team. And he’s looking forward to the UCSD race weekend to come!






Name: Patrick Jak, MS, PFT, SSCS, USAC


About: For over a decade, Pat has trained performance athletes, teams, and fitness conscious individuals from all walks of life. As a coach of endurance athletes, he has worked with juniors, seniors, and masters, including several State, National, and World champions and medalists. His workouts have been featured in Bicycling Magazine, he is a speaker for IDEA Health and Fitness and is also Director of Metabolic Testing and a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Fitness Quest 10. Pat has been coaching the UCSD Cycling Team since 2010.