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Winter season 2018/2019

December 16, 2018 to Easter mondat April 17, 2019

The following booking conditions apply: Minimum lenght of stay: 3 night. Arrival and departure: daily
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Name: Drew Ceccato


About: Drew here, current president (but don’t hold that against me…). My favorite rides are anything flat with arbitrary sprint points; bonus points for donuts. Recently, my favorite ice cream has been those swirl waffle cones you can get at the padres game. My dream bike changes every day, but a safe bet is something steel, neon, and 90’s.



Name: Lilly McCormick


About: Hi! My name is Lilly, and I am the treasurer for the cycling team. My favorite road rides are hilly and without a lot of traffic, like Highland Valley Road or the Great Western Loop! I like lemon sorbet right after a hot ride, and am lucky enough to be riding my orange dream bike!

Road Captain

Name: Sydnee Hyman


About: Hey I’m Sydnee! Any all day epic event that requires a recovery nap constitutes my favorite ride. I could eat chocolate all day, although I’m told others classify it as a dessert. My dream bike list is too long to write out, but my roadie side lusts after a Ritte Ace.

Mountain Bike Captain

Name: Daniel Yang


About: Favorite ride is El Prieto in Pasadena. Favorite dessert is Pannikan’s blueberry muffin. Dream bike is Allez Sprint with 1x drivetrain.



Track Captain

Name: Eric Geier


About: Eric is excited to be back in the position of track captain! His favorite place to be is first wheel behind the motor during Madison training, and he strongly believes that any diameter carrot cake can be “made for one.” His dream bike is a Stoemper Angus.


Name: Matt Clemens


About: Hey I’m Matt! My favorite route to ride is the century out to Julian and back because my
favorite dessert is apple pie. My dream bike would be a Specialized S-Works Tarmac with CLX 50s and sram etap.

Social and Recruiting

Name: Roger O’Neill


About: Howdy! I’m Roger. If you thought you saw me in the Tour de France, you got the wrong guy. For me, cycling is about hanging out with my pals, eating food, nursing strange tan lines, and most importantly, getting huge legs. My favorite bike at the moment is my Santa Cruz Hightower and I hope to have many more favorites before I die.


Media Director

Name: Tiffany Lee


About: My favorite ride is anything flat or anything that involves donuts. Although a cup of boba milk tea after a ride is the best, actually it is the best anytime. As for dream bike, my Specialized comes pretty close but a custom painted colorful frame would be awesome.


Clothing  (AKA Quartermaster)

Name: Joey Palambo


About: Hi, I’m Joey and I will again be watery for the UCSD cycling team. My favorite ride is a completely open velodrome. I eat just enough ice cream to keep the skin suit tight (black raspberry please). And my dream bike is a Supersix Evo Black Inc. with Sram Red e-tap.


Name: Patrick Jak, MS, PFT, SSCS, USAC


About: For over a decade, Pat has trained performance athletes, teams, and fitness conscious individuals from all walks of life. As a coach of endurance athletes, he has worked with juniors, seniors, and masters, including several State, National, and World champions and medalists. His workouts have been featured in Bicycling Magazine, he is a speaker for IDEA Health and Fitness and is also Director of Metabolic Testing and a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Fitness Quest 10. Pat has been coaching the UCSD Cycling Team since 2010.

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